The Wall Street Journal: Taliban attack on Pakistan school kills more than 140 people — mostly children

Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in northwestern Pakistan and killed at least 141 people, methodically shooting schoolchildren in the head and setting fire to some victims, according to witnesses and officials.

In one of the militant group’s deadliest attacks, many children had remained trapped in the Peshawar school as hostages, officials said, with the attack continuing for some nine hours until the military declared it had regained control.

Taiban launch attack on school in Peshawar, Pakistan


The latest on a Taliban attack on a Pakistan school. Plus, does Sony have the legal authority to prevent media companies from publishing hacked emails? Photo: AP

Army and police personnel surrounded the Peshawar school building shortly after the assault began. Security personnel, including the army’s special-forces unit, then carefully cleared the sprawling school campus, building by building, killing six of the attackers, military officials said. Bombs planted by the attackers slowed down the clearance operation.

Of the dead, 132 were children, along with nine school staff killed, while a further 121 from the school were wounded, the military said.

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