Personal Finance Daily: How the Sony hack will change how the U.S. does business

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5 ways the Sony hack will change how America does business

People might attack (and potentially destroy) your business for ideological and political reasons. President Barack Obama said Sony “made a mistake” by caving to North Korean hackers and canceling its comedy about the fictional assassination of Kim Jong Un.

5 tech gadgets you need in your home today

The case for a smart thermostat.

6 industries that can’t find workers fast enough

Nearly 43% of open jobs in the accommodation and food service industry remain unfilled for longer than three months

10 things personal trainers won’t tell you

Certifications can mean nothing.

10 most miserable cities in America

You have our condolences if you live in Mobile, Ala. or Redding, Calif.

Get paid for selfies

Hotels offer guests perks in the form of room upgrades, loyalty points and dining credits in exchange for social media tags and hashtags. – Top Stories

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