NewsWatch: Clinton-Trump debate showdown carries potential to sock stocks


Investors will be keeping a close eye on the first of the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for signs of a momentum shift in the closely contested race, which carries with it the potential to jar stocks. See full story.

Snap’s Spectacles: Cheers for circular video but the design is up for debate

Response is mixed, and a little confused, over Snapchat’s — scratch that, Snap Inc.’s — first push into hardware with a late-Friday rollout of its camera-fitted sunglasses called Spectacles. See full story.

This gadget turns fruit into booze

Home-brewing kit Alchema takes fruit and turns it into craft wine or cider. See full story.

Life on Jupiter’s moon? NASA talks about it live on Monday

NASA will hold a live teleconference Monday afternoon to unveil what agency officials call “surprising activity” on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. See full story.

10 obscene displays of wealth that shock average Americans

Fascinating findings from a new Reddit thread on wealth. See full story.


Experts say the key is communication. See full story. – Top Stories

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